PET Injection Moulding Machine

Pet preform injection moulding machine -KEBIDA

Pet preform injection moulding machine -KEBIDA
Pet preform injection moulding machine -KEBIDA
Pet preform injection moulding machine -KEBIDA
Pet preform injection moulding machine -KEBIDA



200Ton injection moulding machine price
Injection molding machines are also known as injection molding machines or injection machines. It is the main molding equipment for thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic molding dies to make plastic products of various shapes. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric. The injection molding machine heats the plastic and applies a high pressure to the molten plastic to eject it to fill the mold cavity.
Injection Machinery Details

ITEM                               KBD1980
Injection unit Unit A B C
SCREW DIA mm 45 50 55
SHOT VOLUME cm3 365 451 546
INJECTION WEIGHT(PS) g 335 414 502
SCREW SPEED rpm 0-180
Min.MOLD HEIGHT mm 200
MACHINE DIMENSION(L*W*H) m 5.5*1.5*2.1
High Quality International Accessories----Strong Rigidity Of The Template And Stable Operation
Clamping Unit
· Strong rigidity of the template and Stable operation
· The optimized front joint connecting rod adopts integral casting, which has good rigidity and stable operation.
· The railings and guides are made of aluminum/copper sleeves or self-lubricating guide sleeves, which have a special wear resistance and low friction dramatically increases the life service of the draw bar.
· The template adopts a structure in which a T-shaped groove and a mounting screw coexist. Reasonable T-slot layout not only facilitates the installation of the mold but also increases the strength of the template.
· The Tie rods of each model are tested by the most professional inspection mechanism to ensure that the deformation of the tie rods is within a reasonable range when the machine is in operation.
Injection Unit-------Accurate Injection And Stable Operation
· Accurate Injection and Stable operation 
· Injection, pressure holding pressure closed-loop control, back pressure precision control
· The barrel screw has a long life and is easy to replace
· Personalized design, including nozzle shied and central lubrication, it reduced operation intensity and that’s convenient for daily maintenance while guaranteeing safety
Hydraulic Unit------Fast Response And Stable Output 
· Fast response and stable output
· High-efficient and energy-saving servo control system.
· Responsive to fast and stable hydraulic control components.
· The hydraulic system adopts imported famous brand hydraulic components and adopts the oil circuit combining the plug-in and the slide valve to effectively improve the response speed of the system.
Precision Control Unit-----Responds Quickly And Stably
· It adopts international famous brand controller, fully enclosed electrical control box, and reasonable electrical components.
· TFT LCD color display.
· A high-performance controller specially for injection molding machine.
· High-precision displacement sensor as soon as possible.
· Energy-saving drives and servo motors.
· Online update program, data export, easy operation and multi-language support are available using USB. More than 10 languages.
The KBD servo-driven energy-saving precision injection molding machine is equipped with a high-performance servo motor power control system. The power output of the motor varies with the load drive, and there is no waste of excess energy. During the holding phase, the servo motor reduces the speed and the energy consumption is extremely low. During the cooling phase, the motor does not work and the power consumption is 0. The servo energy-saving system is equipped with a rotary encoder and a pressure sensor to feedback the flow and pressure at all times. This changes the speed and torque of the servo motor, so that the flow pressure is adjusted accordingly to ensure a higher repeatability of the product.
· System power consumption comparison And Structural schematic
· 20%-80% Energy saving.
· Quick Response
· Sensitive Servo Motor, The response time only 0.05 Second.
· Quite&Low Noise.
· The machine runs with low noise, and will be mach quieter in a low speed.
· Oil temperature rise slowly.
· Servo motor proportionally deliver hydraulic oil base on our needs, it’s can prevent unnecessary heat being generated. Even in some case does not require cooling.
· KBD excellent characteristics inheritance.
· Outstanding machine stability being safety and dependability, strong mechanical parts, complete functional human-oriented operation system and long service life.
Company information

Ningbo Kebida(Hystan) Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd.located in beautiful coast of eastern sea, with 15 minutes  to the international airport or high-speed rail station, very convenient to transportation, is a professional high-new technology enterprise, professionally manufacturing plastic injection molding machine. With dozens of years experience, have expected new factory of 10000 square. 

Having led through the ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification and CE product certification, our company has independently developed and made the KBD series plastic injection molding machine, having the characteristics and advantages with beautiful appearance, strong calming force, high precision, low noise, energy saving and low consumption.KBD series energy-saving servo injection molding machine, PET preform special machine, high speed injection processing machine, high-speed machine, Bakelite machine, Resin special machine etc.dozens of series and kinds products has dozens of distribution networks and exclusive agents networks and after-sales services units in China. Products are far exported to Russia, South America, Europe and other Countries and Regions, having established sale network towards international market.

The pursuit of First-Class Quality Products is our company’s persistent objective, doing our best satisfy requirements of clients in domestic market and international markets, with constantly perfecting and pioneering sense of ownership, to create splendent and great future.

Packing And Shipment 

Q: How to choose injection molding machine?

A: The injection weight should be about 1.2× product's weight; The tie bar space should be bigger than the mold dimension; Contact with us for more information.


Q: How to pay?

A: 40% deposit T/T in advance, the balance 60% payment by T/T before delivery (we accept payment by T/T, L/C etc.)


Q: Is that possible for your company to send engineer to install machine for commissioning, even train our workers?

A: Yes, we can send our engineer to your factory for installing, commissioning, training. We have some engineers flying among different countries for after sale service and technical support. As per experience, if everything OK usually 5-15 days is enough. Therefore, before shipment, we need you to prepare invitation letter for visa. However, please be noted that all cost happened for visa, travel, hotel should be paid in advance by customers. In addition, we cannot guarantee each visa is successful.


Q: If we buy your machines, is there any warranty?

A: Yes, definitely. Totally 24-months warranty after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, electric components (The screw just has 6-months). We are responsible for broken parts within 24-months. We will supply those parts in freeway but the possible transportation cost should be paid by clients.


Q: What is different with A,B,C screw, What is the price different?

A: The screw model is designed for different material and requirements, the screw diameter Changes from small, middle and big. There is no price difference in the price for choosing A/B/C screw types.


Q:How to choose the screw ?

A: For PC, Pa(Nylon)and other high viscosity material, it's better to choose A screw.

    For PP, PE, PS materials, better to choose B Screw .
    For Recycled material, better to choose C screw .


Q: What's the delivery preriod after place the order?
A: Normally the delivery date will be in one month after receiving the down payment .

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