2021 Best PET Injection Molding Machine


What is the cost effective solution for fast manufacturing of PET bottles or bottle blanks? There is no doubt that finding a PET injection molding machine with high quality and low price is the best solution. Today we will discuss PET injection molding machines and our selection of the best PET injection molding machines for 2021.


What is a PET injection molding machine

PET preform injection molding machines are specifically designed for PET preforms of various sizes. PET injection molding machines use PET-specific screws to greatly increase plasticization speed and injection weight.

PET injection molding machine PET injection molding machine is the same as any other injection molding machine for PE, PP, etc.

The difference is that it does not make the final product, but rather the bottle blanks.

Usually, a PET blow molding machine requires a PET injection molding machine separate from the unit or integrated.

When you inject a plastic object, your mold has an external and internal shape, with the space between the two filled with plastic to form the object.

For PET bottles this is difficult because you cannot remove the internal shape from it.

So preforms are injected, which are spiral tops and hollow, tubular shapes.

At the filling machine, the top is firmly grasped and the PET bottle preform is heated and placed in an outer mold into which compressed air is then blown.

The bottle is then shaped in the form of an external mold, simple and agile.

This is how all PET bottles are produced.


Details of PET injection molding machine

PET bottle preform injection molding machine is suitable for the molding of packaging containers for various kinds of food, medicine and other liquids.

Specialized machines and peripheral equipment

  • Raw material dehumidification and drying and pumping system

  • Environmental dehumidification system

  • Refrigeration system

  • Mold and hot runner temperature control system

  • Automation system

PET bottle preform injection molding machine features

  • A variety of models can be used to produce various types of PET bottle blanks, such as: water bottles, hot-fill bottles, oil bottles, wide-mouth bottles and large 5-gallon bottle blanks.

  • Complete product package, we can provide the whole factory dehumidification, drying, pumping, freezing, mold, hot runner and other automatic peripheral equipment planning.

  • Special injection structure design to facilitate plastic molding of PET raw materials.

  • Linear potentiometer is adopted for injection and mold closing, which can precisely control the stroke with accuracy up to 0.1mm.

  • Adopt PID temperature control with screw cold start limit, line break detection and heat preservation, which can control the temperature error within ±1℃, which is conducive to the stability of screw molding.

  • High dimensional stability and low defective rate.


How we determine the "best" industrial dehumidifier option

  • Customer Reviews

Our customers have provided consistent feedback on our products. These PET injection molding machines have received the most and highest ratings on our website.

  • Trusted Brands

The brands included here are industry leading brands, known for quality injection molding and providing long-term solutions.

  • Industry Knowledge

We have been in the injection molding machine industry for over 20 years. We know our products and are confident in our product selection.


2021 Best PET Injection Molding Machine

KBD3880 PET dedicated injection molding machine.

400ton dedicated PET injection molding machine, which is widely recognized by customers for its ease of operation and high quality.

KBD1780 PET Professional Injection Molding Machine

More powerful system, mold plate, special screw and barrel are used to produce higher quality products.

SS SSF2200PET PET injection molding machine

Smaller footprint and excellent quality, the favorite of many companies.

SK series SK180 PET special injection molding machine

With 100% clamping force and longer open stroke it is possible to make bigger products with smaller machines.  It saves 2%-6% of material than normal machines, which is well received by customers.

Reasons for choosing Kebida's PET injection molding machine

  • 18 years of injection molding machine manufacturing experience.

  • Quality assurance.

  • Energy-saving injection molding machine.

  • ISO, CE certificate.

  • International brand parts, high-quality machines.

  • Online instructions for using the device.

  • Provide engineer installation services.

  • Accept sales agents in any country.


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