How does the injection molding machine work?


Injection molding machine is referred to as injection molding machine. Injection molding uses the thermophysical properties of plastic to add materials from the hopper to the barrel. The outside of the barrel is heated by a heating ring to melt the material. The barrel is equipped with a rotating machine driven by an external power motor. 

  Screw, the material is gradually plasticized, melted and homogenized under the dual action of screw shear. When the screw rotates, the material pushes the molten material to the screw head under the action of the groove friction and shear force. At the same time, the screw retreats under the reaction of the material, causing the screw head to form a storage space to complete the plasticization process. Then, under the action of the injection cylinder piston, the screw passes through the molten material in the storage chamber at high speed and high pressure. The nozzle is injected into the cavity of the mold. After the molten material in the cavity is pressure-maintained, cooled, solidified and shaped, the mold is opened under the action of the mold closing mechanism, and the shaped product is ejected from the mold through the ejection device. Out and down.

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