20L Printing Drum/Oil Drum Injection Molding Machine


Plastic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer Plastic Oil Drum Printing Drum Injection Molding Machine As can be seen from the video, our machine can produce plastic drums, basins, etc. In our video, this is just a demo video for testing. If you are in normal production, this machine also needs some auxiliary equipment. For example: automatic loaders, hopper dryers, coolers, cooling towers, plastic mixers, plastic Crsuher .even IML systems. This machine can fully realize fully automatic production. First, the raw material is transported to the hopper dryer by the automatic loader. Before this, if you want to make the product have color, you need to add color masterbatch. At this time, you need to use Mixer, which can help you mix the raw materials and color masterbatch evenly. Then connect the cooler and cooling tower. Of course, the mold needs to be installed. If annotation is required, an IML system can be added. If you don't need labels, you can add robots to place products on conveyor belts. The above equipment is ready for fully automatic operation. Kebidplas Machinery provides plastic molding solutions. Professional injection molding machine supplier. 19 years of manufacturing experience. 13 years Alibaba Gold Supplier. 14 years of export experience. Kebidplas machinery can be your better choice in China. Our injection molding machines have been exported to Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Palestine, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait Wait.

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