China injection molding machine: Complete Buying Guide


In recent years, along with the implementation of the national plan "Made in China 2025", China's manufacturing industry is in a good shape, and various small and medium-sized enterprises are rapidly emerging and growing like a spring. The injection molding industry is certainly not far behind, along with China's domestic policies and the impact of the epidemic, the plastic products industry is in constant order, and the demand for injection molding machines is expanding, tending to move forward in the development stage.

So what are the best Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers? How should we choose them?


Top 10 Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers


1. Haitian

Ningbo Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1966, focusing on standard applications in the middle and high-end markets of the plastic processing industry. Its application-oriented R&D and the provision of sustainable solutions at reasonable market prices have created a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Haitian's plastic machine sales in China are second to none, the stability of machine injection is relatively high, but also has its drawbacks, such as sheet metal is too heavy, the machine selling price is expensive, can not help but compare with peers, the cost performance has become one of the important factors that plastic products manufacturers need to consider.


Bole Plastic Machinery is committed to technological innovation in the field of injection molding, using the model of "German industry technology + Made in China" to provide customers with more cost-effective injection molding solutions. The company's chief engineer is a senior technical expert in the industry. By introducing European technology, Böhler has successfully developed the EK series injection molding machine with central clamping structure. The product has been officially launched into the market since 2010 and has been a great success, becoming the star product of Böhler. Focusing on senior technical experts in the global industry, Bó Lè Plastic Machinery has successfully developed CIML series of carbon fiber products one after another, and put them into use in Ningbo Huaxiang Automotive Fiber R&D Co., Ltd, which has caused a sensation in the automotive market and will lead the technical innovation of composite materials application in China's automotive field in the future. And the two-plate DK series developed by German experts will compete with European brands and seize the high-end market.

Bole Plastic Machinery, relying on "technical innovation", is striving to build a famous brand of plastic machinery. As a latecomer, through unremitting efforts, Bole has invested all its efforts in product quality and won the trust of customers with high performance, stable products and customized services, and has seized part of the market at home and abroad, and its market share is expanding dramatically.

3.Chen Hsong

Chen Hsong Injection Molding Machine Co., Ltd. is an injection molding machine manufacturer integrating production and sales. Its products include Chen Hsong injection molding machines and Chen De injection molding machines. Chen Hsong injection molding machine has the ability to form complex appearance, precise size or dense plastic products with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education. Health and all areas of people's daily life. Today, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, Chen Hsong injection molding machines occupy an important position in both quantity and variety. The total production volume accounts for 20% to 30% of the entire plastic molding equipment, thus becoming the fastest growing in the current plastic machinery industry. One of the most produced models. However, according to a certain network evaluation, the localization of Chen Hsong's machine parts is serious, and there is no particularly great innovation and improvement.

4. Yizumi

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, focusing on the field of molding equipment manufacturing. It is an equipment supplier integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. Yizumi has established several business divisions such as injection molding machines, die-casting machines, rubber injection molding machines, high-speed packaging systems, and robotic automation integrated systems, achieving diversified development in the field of equipment manufacturing. It is said that the marketing strategy is better, but the cost performance of the machine will be lacking.

5. Borche

Founded in early 2003, Borche Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of high-precision, energy-saving and environment-friendly injection molding machines. 2009, Protron moved from Guangzhou to Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced advanced foreign technology and equipment in large quantities, and built a modern digital factory. Bochuang is doing well in marketing strategy, but it is said that there are exaggerations occurring.

6. Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co.

Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yuyao. It is a company specializing in plastic injection molding machinery. Since the official launch of LOG Lange printing machine in 2007, the company's sales network has spread all over the world. More than 50 distributors have been established in mainland China, North and South America, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and even Europe. There are dealers and service outlets in more than 20 overseas countries worldwide. At present, the company has four injection molding machine bases, covering a total area of more than 70,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of more than 4,000 units. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "focus, professionalism and concentration", and attaches importance to talent building and technology development. The strong independent research and development capability and strict quality supervision system make the Lange brand injection molding machine with energy-saving, high-pressure and high-speed, precise and stable characteristics.

7. Ningbo Kebida (Hystan) Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co.

Ltd. is located in the beautiful East China Sea, 15 minutes' drive from the international airport or high-speed railway station, with very convenient transportation. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic injection molding machine manufacturing. With decades of experience, the new factory is expected to be 10,000 square meters. With ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification and CE product certification, our self-developed and manufactured KBD series injection molding machines have the characteristics and advantages of beautiful appearance, strong sedation, high precision, low noise, energy saving and low consumption. KBD series energy-saving servo injection molding machine, PET bottle blank special machine, high-speed injection molding machine, high-speed machine, Bakelite machine, resin special machine and dozens of series and models of products have dozens of distribution networks and exclusive agent networks and after-sales service service units in China. Our products are exported to Russia, South America, Europe and other countries and regions, and we have established a sales network for the international market.

The pursuit of first-class quality products is our company's unwavering goal. We will do our best to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, and create a brilliant future with the sense of ownership of continuous improvement and development.

8. Demag Plastic Machinery (Ningbo) Co.

Demag Plastics Group is a German injection molding machine manufacturer and an early manufacturer of screw reciprocating injection molding machines. For more than half a century, Demag has been providing innovative high-tech solutions to customers worldwide with high quality and outstanding performance.

Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is the sole proprietorship of Demag Plastics Group established in China for 10 years. Producing 50t-280t models; Demag's precision injection molding machines in Ningbo, China are used for domestic cell phones. Inserts, light guide plates, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, automotive parts and many other fields are widely used. The German quality and performance, as well as the excellent cost performance of the domestic products, make the company's products well liked by customers.

9.L.K. Technology Group Limited

L.K. Group was established in 1979 in Hong Kong, after more than 20 years of development, has now become a large enterprise group with Hong Kong Lijin, Shenzhen Lijin, Zhongshan Lijin, Shanghai Lijin, Shanghai Yida, Ningbo Lijin, leading technology, Huamei eight assets of more than 100 million yuan of technology companies and annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan.

Lijin Group mainly produces hot chamber die-casting machine, cold chamber die-casting machine, injection molding machine and magnesium alloy die-casting machine, the products are widely used in toys, automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, communications, gifts, aviation and other industries.

At present, the Group has established a complete set of product development, production, quality assurance and service system, and has become one of the largest manufacturers of hot chamber die casting machines in the world today.

10.ENGEL Machinery (Shanghai) Co.

ENGEL provides turnkey solutions for single-source injection molding. It has always focused on the development and production of injection molding machines and automation technology. With innovative technology, modern production facilities and a sustainable policy of service and technical support. Whether individual employees or independent business units: ENGEL places great importance on flexibility, innovation and responsibility.

ENGEL is more than just an injection moulding machine manufacturer: the company offers effective solutions, including injection moulding machines, process support, mould planning, automation technology, service and training. Based on the company's reliable collaboration with experts, ENGEL is able to develop any technical areas for you, even if they are not within ENGEL's core areas.

How to choose the injection molding machine in China

  1. Factors affecting the selection of injection molding machine.

    Usually the important factors affecting the selection of injection molding machine include the weight repetition accuracy of the product, the opening position of the mold, cycle time, etc. Therefore, the following information must be collected or available before making the selection.

    1. Product: size (length, width, height, wall thickness), net weight and total weight, etc.

    2. materials: raw materials or granulation and with other and broken material ratio.

  2. How to choose the injection molding machine model

    After getting the above information, you can follow the following steps to choose the right injection molding machine.

    By the product and plastic to determine the machine type and series. When customers choose the injection molding machine, the first step is to determine the structure form of the injection molding machine according to the direction of product taking out and the structure of the mold: vertical injection molding machine, angle injection molding machine or horizontal injection molding machine. The differences in the structural form of the injection molding machine of each major manufacturer are not significant, and the structural differences are mainly in the clamping structure.

  3. The choice of injection molding machine clamping force.

    The clamping force is determined by the design structure of the product mold and the plastic to determine the "clamping force" tons. The clamping force is an important parameter of the injection molding machine. When the high pressure plastic melt fills the cavity, it will generate a large expansion force in the cavity, making the mold expand along the parting surface. In order not to allow mold expansion, the injection molding machine must provide a force greater than this expansion force to lock the mold, otherwise it will produce the phenomenon of overflow edge running material, this force is the clamping force.

    • Injection molding machine clamping device

      If the clamping force is too large, it will not only increase the purchase cost of the customer, but also increase the wear and tear of the mold and the difficulty of venting in the cavity, making the product scorched or lack of material, more importantly, when the machine is under pressure, it will increase the wear and tear of the machine, shorten the life of the clamping mechanism and hydraulic system, and also cause the waste of energy. Therefore, when calculating the clamping force, a more accurate clamping force should be calculated by using the customer's product projection area and the ratio of process length to wall thickness, material, cavity pressure of the mold. The clamping force, like the injection volume, to a certain extent reflects the size of the machine's ability to process the product and is often used as the main parameter to indicate the size of the machine specification.


  4. According to the mold to choose the appropriate injection molding machine type

    1. Connecting column (also called guide column): the inner pitch determines the width of the mold's external dimension. The mold that can be accommodated by the large inner pitch of the guide column is also large, and the mold that can be accommodated by the small inner pitch of the guide column is also small. The minimum contact area between the mold and the template cannot be less than 60%, and the maximum effective area of the mold cannot exceed the area of the spacing in the connecting column, otherwise it is easy for the engine template to be unevenly stressed, and the product locally produces flying edges and the template is easy to crack.

    2. Mold size: the template is supported behind the mold ductile iron plate, the mold should not exceed the area of the inner spacing of the template. To prevent the mold from bending during injection. Mold is too small and will produce too high bending stress on the template, and even make the template fracture. When injecting thin-walled products, high injection pressure, fast injection speed and short cycle time, the template should be thickened and the reinforced rib plate should be strengthened and used to increase the stiffness.

    3. Mold capacity: injection molding machine can accommodate the minimum to the maximum mold, the difference between them, is the injection molding machine mold adjustment. The available mold thickness should be larger than the minimum mold capacity, so that the injection molding machine can open and lock the mold. Otherwise, the special work is increased (the effective thread of the guide pillar is increased and the minimum value of the program is changed). If the thickness of the available mold is also larger than the maximum mold capacity, special works should be considered (the frame and guide pillar and their threads should be lengthened, the steel belt of the second plate of the clamping frame should be lengthened, and the maximum value of the program should be changed). However, there is an upper limit for increasing the mold capacity, and the load bearing capacity of the guide column (the maximum mold load weight) should be considered. The maximum and minimum mold capacity of dumpling type injection molding machine are the distance between the movable and fixed plates when the dumpling is straightened and the mold is adjusted to the maximum and minimum, respectively. This parameter determines the size of the mold opening space and the depth of the product. If the mold capacity is large, the depth of the product is deeper; conversely, the depth of the product is shallower. Fully hydraulic large two-plate injection molding machine has larger mold capacity and mold opening stroke than the same level of dumpling type injection molding machine, which is more suitable for deep cavity products and high height products.


China injection molding machine specifications selection analysis

  1. Injection weight

    Theoretical injection capacity (cm³) = screw cross-sectional area (cm²) x injection stroke (cm)

    Injection weight (g) = theoretical injection capacity (cm³) x raw material density (g/cm³) x 0.86

    Density of commonly used plastics


  2. Screw diameter and speed

    Usually there are 2 to 4 screws available for the same machine.

    Smaller screws have higher L/D ratio, higher injection pressure, lower injection volume, lower injection rate, lower melt rate, lower torque required, and better mixability, while larger screws have the opposite.

    The selection of the screw diameter should be based on the raw material, product weight, product wall thickness, flow length ratio, cycle time, and production requirements. Screw speed is the speed per minute (rpm) of the machine at no load.

    Screw speed (rpm) = oil pump displacement (cc/min.) ÷ oil pressure motor displacement (cc.)

    Under the allowed value, the faster the speed, the shorter the pre-molding time, but the worse the mixing, and the higher the energy consumption.


  3. Injection pressure

    The injection pressure is used to overcome the flow resistance. The injection pressure indicated on the machine brochure refers to the static pressure at the nozzle.

    The injection pressure required for each product is difficult to predict accurately, and can only be simulated in advance using mold flow, or measured during molding.

    Common plastic injection pressure range (mpa) 


  4. Injection speed and injection rate

    Injection speed is the maximum forward speed of the screw during injection (mm/s);

    Injection speed (cm/s) = oil pump displacement (cm3/s) ÷ effective cross-sectional area of injection cylinder (cm2)

    Injection rate is the amount of melt injected from the nozzle per unit time (g / s)

    Injection rate (g/s.) = weight of product (g) / filling time (sec.)

    The injection speed of general injection molding machine is designed between 100 ~ 150(mm/s), and the speed of thin-walled high precision injection molding machine is designed between 200 ~ 500(mm/s).

    Under the same injection pressure, the greater the injection speed, the greater the energy consumption, the injection speed more than 200mm/sec. It is better to add accumulator to save energy consumption; the greater the injection speed, the greater the pressure loss, so generally the greater the speed, the higher the injection pressure should also be.


  5. Plasticizing capacity

    Plasticizing capacity refers to the amount of molten plastic (g/s) that the machine can spit out per unit time under 0 back pressure.

    Plasticizing capacity (kg/h) = 1.29 × screw diameter (cm) × metering section depth (cm) × density × screw speed (rpm) × 60 ÷ 1000 × 85%

    Plasticizing capacity is related to screw diameter, screw design, and screw speed.

    In addition to the plasticizing capacity, the plasticizing quality of precision high-grade products should be considered, including plasticizing degree, mixing uniformity, shear heat, etc.

    General standard models of the total barrel material volume is about 2.4 times the maximum injection weight, packaging machines about 2.7 times.

    For example: 300h injection seat with A-rod diameter 32mm and injection weight 106g, the total material volume in the screw barrel is about 106g x 2.4 = about 254g.

    Material retention time (min) = total barrel material (g) / material used per minute (g)

    The minimum retention time of most ingredients in the barrel is about 2 minutes (no less than 90 seconds) and the maximum is between 8 and 12 minutes. (The retention time is related to the temperature of the barrel)

    For example: there is a product, 30 grams per die, PS material, choose 300h B screw, injection weight 134 grams, the maximum production per minute: 134 grams x 2.4 / 30 grams / 1.5 minutes = 7.1 die times, equal to the fastest cycle about 8.5 seconds, the retention time of 2 minutes, the fastest cycle is about 11 seconds.


  6. Clamping force

    Clamping force refers to the maximum force that the injection molding machine can clamp the mold, also known as clamping force.

    Most manufacturers use the clamping force as the machine type (several tons), and the clamping force is usually expressed in tons (1 ton = 1000 kg) or kilonewtons (KN)

    Straight press.

    Clamping force (kg/cm) = area of clamping cylinder (cm2) x hydraulic pressure (kg/cm2)

    Machine hinge type.

    Clamping force = clamping cylinder thrust x machine hinge magnification

    Selection of clamping force

    Simple way to determine the pressure in the mold.

    General products: 300kg/ cm2.

    High precision small products: 500kg/ cm2.

    Thin-walled packaging products: 400kg/ cm2 - 600kg/ cm2.

    Thin-walled IT product appearance parts: 600kg/ cm2 - 1000kg/ cm2

    350 tons or more in-mold pressure simple way to determine: general appearance parts products clamping force of 250kg/ cm2 or more, other thin-walled parts refer to the above.

    Clamping force (tons) ≧ product projection area (cm2) x in-mold pressure (kg/ cm2) ÷ 800


  7. Holding space

    The tolerance space should include the inner distance of the tie bar, the opening stroke, the maximum and minimum mold thickness, and the size of the template.

    The inner distance of the tie bar is the inner size of the middle of the 4 tie bars, the mold will not fit beyond this size.

    The required opening stroke is 2.5 times of the product height, and 4 to 5 times for in-mold labeling products.


  8. Ejector

    Ejecting force: the force (KN or tons) to eject the product, the general machine design ejecting force can be applied to most of the products, only a few special products need a larger ejecting force.

    For example: PET bottle blanks need about 0.5 ~ 1 ton per point, and caps need about 400 kg or more per point for forced ejections.

    Ejecting stroke: the maximum distance of the machine ejecting (mm)

    Other ejecting requirements: synchronous ejecting, two-stage ejecting, ejecting holding, vibrating ejecting, delayed ejecting, rotating ejecting, etc.


  9. Other factors

    Nozzle stroke: the maximum distance of nozzle forward and backward.

    Nozzle contact force (KN): the thrust of the nozzle against the mold. (Increase the nozzle diameter to pay attention to whether the thrust is sufficient)

    Empty cycle time (dry cycle): measured by the European standard 6, the shortest cycle time in the state of no load. The length of this time can determine the configuration of the machine, hydraulic, electronic control system control capabilities.

    Motor power: the power of driving oil pump or servo motor. (KW or HP) (1HP=746W)

    Electric heat power: the total power of the barrel electric heaters. (KW)

    Number of heating sections: The number of points that the barrel heating can be controlled separately.

    System pressure: the maximum working pressure of hydraulic system (mpa, bar, kg/cm2), general grade: 140bar, 160bar, 210bar.(All-electric type has no system pressure, generally limited by the maximum value of individual design.)

    Machine size: Mainly the external dimensions, as the basis of the factory arrangement.

    Machine weight: the weight of the whole machine, as a reference for transportation, and the weight of the factory


How to check if they are the right injection molding machine manufacturer in China

Product range, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers do not limit the type of injection molding machine they make to a single injection molding machine.

style of injection molding machine they manufacture.

Partial order test reports

The quality of materials they use and the raw material factories they work with

Certificates, audit reports, etc.


Where can I find a good injection molding machine manufacturer?

  • Sourcing Chinese wholesale and custom injection molding machine manufacturers from China Industrial Equipment Expo

    Exhibitions: Exhibitions are common in the injection molding machine industry. They help connect potential manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Stay informed about upcoming events near you.

    For many professional injection molding machine buyers, attending different trade shows in China or around the world is a must. You can easily get in touch with many Chinese injection molding machine factories at the show. 

    Limited by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers may be less willing to attend foreign exhibitions, then some famous exhibitions in the Chinese injection molding machine industry will have a very large number of excellent Chinese manufacturers.


  • Suggestions for attending the exhibition.

    It is best to confirm a meeting with Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers before visiting the exhibition. In this case, try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance; the injection molding machine manufacturer will allow more time for discussion with you.

    Find Chinese injection moulding machine suppliers from China B2B marketplace

    If you are not attending industrial equipment shows, you can also find Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers from online platforms. The most common Chinese B2B platforms used by Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers are Alibaba and Made in China.

    Good advice: when writing an email for the first time, please remember not to write too short or too long emails. B2B marketplaces have many buyers sending emails to different Chinese injection molding machine suppliers every day. Many injection molding machine suppliers will ignore emails that look like spam.  

    If you want to get a reply from a Chinese fabric manufacturer, please write and include the necessary information in your email.


  • Google Search

    It's no secret that there are a few search strings that can help you with your Google search.

    "keyword" + manufacturer + China

    "keyword "+wholesale+manufacturer+China

    "keyword "+factory+China

    "Keyword "+factory+wholesale+China

    The disadvantage is that few domestic manufacturers focus on online marketing, so it is hard to find them in the top 10 search results, and you have to go through many pages to see some real Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers.

    If you still can't find the right injection molding machine manufacturer, please click here to contact our professional China injection molding machine manufacturers! +


  • Find Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers from Linkedin, facebook, youtube, etc.

    Social Media: Social media is one of the easiest ways to find injection molding machine manufacturers. It connects you with millions of people. Many injection molding machine manufacturers advertise on various social media platforms. facebook Business Groups is also another good way for you to connect with many manufacturers.

    There are many Chinese wholesale injection molding machine suppliers and manufacturers posting their company documents or profiles on facebook, LinkedIn, youtube and other online places. You can also find some suitable China injection molding machine manufacturers there.


Above is our guide to bring you the best China injection molding machine manufacturers and buyers. We hope you will find it useful.

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