How to Choose High-speed Injection Molding Machine from China


Are you still looking for a suitable high-speed injection molding machine to upgrade your business? We recommend that you choose a high-speed injection molding machine manufacturer in China to become your partner. Today we will discuss how to choose a Chinese manufacturer of high-speed injection molding machines.



Benefits of importing high speed injection molding machines from China

One of the benefits you get when importing high speed injection molding machines from China is the variety of manufacturers to choose from.

There are many manufacturers that can produce your high speed injection molding machine.

This means that you can negotiate with the manufacturer for the specifications you need.

Other advantages you get when importing high speed injection molding machines from China include

  • Favorable prices

    The availability of different manufacturers in China means that high speed injection molding machines are competitively priced.

    You can shop around and find a manufacturer that fits your budget or allows for negotiation.

  • Quality high speed injection molding machines

    The Chinese authorities require most manufacturers to obtain all the necessary certifications before they can start operations.

    Therefore, you can be sure to get a quality high speed injection molding machine by hiring the right manufacturer.

    Before involving a manufacturer in the manufacturing of your high-speed injection molding machine, you must ask the manufacturer about their certifications.

  • Informative

    Knowing the progress of your order is vital to help you plan your business.

    Reliable high-speed injection molding machine manufacturers in China will usually inform you of the progress of your order.

    You can use this information to plan the progress of your business and even how to finance the shipment of your order.

  • Timely Delivery

    Reliable high-speed injection molding machine manufacturers work within the schedule you agree to.

    This means you have an approximate time to receive your product, which helps boost your business.


Features of high speed injection molding machine

The molding process of a normal injection molding machine is mold closing-injection-cooling-storage material-opening mold-support-gap time.

High-speed injection molding machine uses three-axis linkage, which is generally called three-loop. The molding process is mold closing-injection-cooling-mold opening (synchronized mold support, storage)-gap time. For example, the molding time of an ordinary injection molding machine for a product is 10 seconds, while the high-speed injection molding machine uses the principle of three-axis linkage to greatly reduce the molding time by about 6 seconds. Subtracting two small steps increases the time by about half.

The standard pumps used in ordinary injection molding machines are more polluting in terms of electricity, hydraulic oil and noise. High-speed injection molding machines use a hybrid type of oil pump and servo motor, which is very environmentally friendly.

Reasons to choose high speed injection molding machine

  • Fast injection speed

    Ordinary injection molding machine is 100mm/s, high speed is generally above 300mm/s. Improve the working efficiency.

  • Energy saving

    Equipped with high response servo system to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow according to the action needs, no overflow loss, energy saving 30-70%. Reduce operating cost for customers.

  • Accurate

    Equipped with high-end computer controller, precise position and temperature control setting, faster response time.

  • High efficiency

    New optimized design of clamping mechanism, fast and stable action of clamping mechanism, 10%-20% faster than previous models. Optional servo motor feeding, shorten forming time by 40% compared with traditional machine (can realize three-axis movement of feeding and mold opening at the same time).

  • Safety

    Thickened structure, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical triple protection. Safety module independently controls mold closing, injection, feeding and seat dropping, no misoperation and no personal injury.

To sum up, high-speed injection molding machine: implement soft start mold, do not affect the power grid, avoid voltage and electric radiation pollution. It can effectively prevent the oil temperature from being too high and cooling well. Greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil.

Compared with ordinary injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine can save 60~70% of the total power, which greatly reduces the cost and saves resources for customers.

Learn about high-speed injection molding machine imported from China

It is crucial to know the type of high speed injection molding machine you want to import from China.

This is in terms of specifications and compliance with quality standards.

Knowing the specifications and quality standards of a particular high speed injection molding machine to be imported from China varies by destination country/region.

However, before importing from China, you must consider the following elements of the high-speed injection molding machine.

  • Technical specifications

    Before importing from China, you must know the technical specifications of your high-speed injection molding machine.

    This helps to identify what you want.

    Technical specifications include voltage, model number, features, efficiency, control system, protection level and weight.

    You can also have the control system and export packaging.

  • Safety standards and technical documentation

    As the importer, it is your responsibility to inform your manufacturer of the applicable safety standards and technical documentation required in your country/region.

    This helps to manufacture high speed injection molding machines that are safe to use in your jurisdiction.

    Failure to notify your manufacturer can result in the manufacture of high speed injection molding machines that meet the safety standards applicable in China.

  • Safety standards and documentation vary by destination.

    For example, if you are in the European Union, your high speed injection molding machine must comply with the high speed injection molding machine safety directive and be CE compliant.

    If you are importing to the United States, you must consider specific ASTM standards for your high speed injection molding machine.

    You can consult the appropriate authority to determine which ASTM standard to use.

    Wherever you import high speed injection molding machines from China, you should comply with the local safety standards.

  • Test Reports

    The test report proves that the high speed injection molding machine is safe to use and that you will not encounter technical problems while using it.

    There are two ways to obtain a test report for your machine.

    The first involves you using an accredited third party for laboratory testing.

    This is an expensive option because you have to pay for the costs involved.

    The second option involves importing a high-speed injection molding machine that has already passed the testing process and has a report.

    The test report should contain details such as manufacturer, issuing company, product ID, release date and necessary regulations.

    You can import a variety of high speed injection molding machines from China.

Find high speed injection molding machine manufacturers in China

Ways to find high speed injection molding machine manufacturers in China include

  • Online Platforms

    Online platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China are ideal places for different high speed injection molding machine manufacturers to market to their customers.

    Manufacturers can often offer you different prices and after-sales services.

    high-speed injection molding machine on B2B platforms

    When searching on these sites, you must make sure that you are choosing a manufacturer and not a distributor or trader.

    Also, do not start a transaction with a specific manufacturer until you have verified their credentials.

    The advantage of having a large number of manufacturers on these sites is that you can negotiate or select the right manufacturer to build your high speed injection molding machine.

    You also have the opportunity to negotiate the price of the product.

    The disadvantage is that it is subject to scams, which means you have to be careful before deciding on a specific manufacturer.

  • Sourcing Agents

    Many sourcing agents in China know the different high speed injection molding machine manufacturers in China.

    They know the production capabilities and pricing of these manufacturers.

    These are important specifications that your sourcing agent can help you with when looking for a manufacturer.

    Sourcing agents can also save you the hassle of finding a reliable manufacturer because they usually have a ready list for you to choose from.

    The main limitation of using a sourcing agent is that it is an expensive way to find a manufacturer.

    You cannot compare what you pay here with what you might lose if you gamble on finding a manufacturer.

  • Trade shows and trade fairs

    Whenever a China trade show is held in your country or in China, you should expect Chinese manufacturers to showcase their products.

    This allows you to interact with different manufacturers and ask them about different aspects of their manufacturing process.

    The advantage of this approach is that you can interact face-to-face with a specific manufacturer.

    This allows you to negotiate with manufacturers on different specifications.

    Common trade shows and trade fairs in China include the Canton Fair and the Yiwu Commodity Fair.

    It is critical that once you have reached an agreement with a specific manufacturer, you need to visit their premises before production begins.

  • Google Search

    A direct search for keywords of high speed injection molding machine manufacturers will yield a large number of independent websites that manufacture this type of injection molding machine.

    But in general, the top ranking are some international well-known brands. Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers are relatively late to the search engine.

    You need to scroll back a few pages and you will find a large number of quality Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers.

China Top 10 High-speed Injection Molding Machine

  1. Ningbo Kebida(Hystan)  Machinery

  2. Haida Machinery

  3. Dakuma Machiney

  4. CHUANGJI Machinery

  5. HMD Machinery

  6. HAITIAN Machinery

  7. CHENHSONG Machinery

  8. BOLE Machinery

  9. Powerjet Machinery 

  10. YIZUMI Machinery


Verify the suitability of a high speed injection molding machine manufacturer in China

Once you have a manufacturer that you want to do business with, you need to verify their details before you start working.

Some of the methods you can use to verify that a manufacturer is genuine include

  • Background check

    A genuine manufacturer is not afraid to reveal the part of their business they can attract customers to.

    Therefore, you must ask them to reveal information such as licenses and customers for whom they have worked previously.

    If possible, check with the relevant authorities to see if the license is valid.

    This information helps to analyze the presence and capabilities of a particular manufacturer.

  • Factory Visits

    When you visit a manufacturer's factory, you will know their physical address.

    This is a key aspect that comes in handy when looking for ways to resolve disputes.

    After finding your high speed injection molding machine manufacturer from an online platform like Alibaba, you must visit their factory.

    Do not trust the photos or license documents they send you, as some of them may be fake.

    During the factory visit, you can conduct an audit to see if their processes meet your quality standards expectations.

  • Meetings

    A formal meeting in an appropriate place will help to get to know the manufacturer for whom you wish to serve.

    If possible, the discussion should involve senior personnel from the manufacturing plant.

    During the meeting, you can ask business-related questions to understand their processes.

    Such meetings also allow you to negotiate the details of the order.

    For example, you can discuss the order's production schedule, pricing and packaging solutions.


In this case, your manufacturer will either offer you a reasonable warranty or an attractive after-sales service.

The importance of verifying your high-speed injection molding machine manufacturer in China is to determine their production process.

By verifying, you can find your manufacturer in case of any problems and you also know what to expect from them in terms of quality.


Get the best price on high speed injection molding machine

The best way to get the best price for your high speed injection molding machine is to negotiate with your manufacturer.

You can also lower the design specifications of your high speed injection molding machine to get a price that you can easily operate.

Another option is to buy in bulk so that you can get discounts from the manufacturer.

This is due to the benefits of economies of scale.


Choose the best high speed injection molding machine in China

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