KEBIDA PET thin-wall packaging industry application to help the "appearance economy"

1. The plastic packaging market is developing rapidly
With the rapid development of my country's domestic retail and foreign exports, the supporting and derived packaging industry is also becoming increasingly perfect. After the rapid development of the plastic packaging market, various new materials, new equipment and new processes are constantly emerging.
The plastic packaging industry involves a wide range of fields, covering home appliances, daily necessities, food, automobiles, medical care, cosmetics, electronics, toys and other fields. With the continuous improvement of living standards, plastic packaging has become diversified, specialized, intelligent, personalized, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, etc. Multifunctional direction development.
2. PET raw materials and thin-wall injection molding process
PET raw materials are non-toxic, odorless, hygienic and safe, can be directly used in food packaging, have low gas and water vapor permeability, and have excellent gas, water, oil and odor barrier properties, so they are widely used in the traditional bottle preform industry. As environmental protection requirements become increasingly stringent, PET raw materials have gradually been increasingly used in the thin-wall packaging injection molding industry with their relatively complete regeneration and recycling systems, such as candy boxes, biscuit boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, shoe and socks packaging boxes, etc.
Most food packaging uses thin-wall injection molding technology. Thin-wall injection molded products have attracted much attention due to their advantages such as low part weight, small production scale, low material expenditure and short molding cycle. Generally speaking, those with wall thickness less than 1mm are called thin-walled products. To further understand, the definition of thin wall is related to the process/wall thickness ratio, the viscosity of the plastic and the heat transfer coefficient.
3. KEBIDA thin-walled PET packaging product application solution
In view of the problems of thin-walled PET's poor fluidity, difficulty in molding, and easy crystallization of white spots, KEBIDA plastic machines can provide customers with complete solutions for thin-walled PET packaging products, helping the packaging industry to easily achieve a "leap in appearance":
1: Faster injection speed, greatly improving the effective filling capacity while overcoming the resistance along the way; there are a variety of injection rate equipment to choose from according to the product wall thickness characteristics.
2: Highly rigid mechanical structure and excellent mold clamping and centering capabilities effectively avoid industry pain points where the actual product wall thickness is greater than the designed wall thickness.
3: PET-specific high plasticizing chrome-plated screw effectively improves the plasticizing effect and increases the process window.
4: Fast system response capability, greatly improving injection acceleration capability and effective filling capability.
5: Multi-stage injection, precise pressure control and product cooling system effectively solve the problem of white spots at the glue inlet.
The flat mold design of 6:2 bottom + 2 covers reduces mold types and investment costs, and meets customers' diverse product needs.


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